Opening Introduction

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10 million alloy tool production line of Worldia (Jiaxing) Cemented Carbide CNC Tools Co.,Ltd. was completed and officially put into production


Recently, Worldia (Jiaxing) Cemented Carbide CNC Tools Co.,Ltd. brings a good news that the production line of coated cemented carbide numerical control (CNC) tools with a capacity of 10 million pieces in the first phase project has been completed and officially put into production.


After nearly one year's preparation, the CNC tool project of this company has officially carried out large-scale production, from the early stage plant construction and equipment purchase, to staff training, equipment installation and commissioning, and then to small batch trial production. This production line covers many important departments, such as CNC tool R & D technology center, mold manufacturing, RTP, pressing, sintering, grinding, coating, inspection center and tools cutting performance testing center. After the first phase project is completed, it can achieve an annual output of 10 million blades.



Mold Workshop


Pressing Workshop


Sintering Workshop


Grinding Workshop


Coating Center

Worldia (Jiaxing) Cemented Carbide CNC Tools Co.,Ltd. was registered and established in Jiaxing in 2021. It is a subsidiary of BEIJING WORLDIA DIAMONDTOOLS CO,LTD (Stock Code: 688028, hereinafter referred to as Worldia), one of the first log in SSE STAR MARKET. The company is committed to the R & D, production, sales and service of carbide CNC inserts, cermet CNC inserts and carbide bars. Its products are mainly used in the mold industry, instrumentation, auto parts, engineering machinery and energy equipment. In 2021, the first phase production line of CNC tool project, which was invested 210 million by the parent company Worldia, has been fully completed and officially entered the mass production stage. It is estimated that after the completion of the overall project, the annual production capacity will reach 28 million pieces.


Milling Series


Grooving Knife series


At the current stage, the company's CNC insert products are mainly milling series and groove cutter series. And it currently focuses on the brand of "Cutting More ", aiming to accelerate the circulation of a full range of precision CNC tools in the application market. In the future, with the rapid development of the company, it will also introduce more new products and professional technical services, and actively develop domestic and overseas markets and meet the growing needs of users.


Mold Producing


Mold Producing


Products Pressing Operation


Cutting Test

The production line of the coated cemented CNC tool project was officially put into production, which represents that Worldia (Jiaxing) Cemented Carbide CNC Tools Co.,Ltd. has entered a new development stage. For the parent company Wordia, it is also an important milestone: the goal of "Transforming Worldia cutting tool category from a single super-hard tool to a comprehensive product chain of super-hard tools, carbide tools and cermet tools " has been further realized.

The developing direction of the company is clear and the future is bright and promising. Worldia (Jiaxing) Cemented Carbide CNC Tools Co.,Ltd. will take this opportunity to help the parent company achieve the development goal of " becoming the leading enterprise in the global high-end tool market " and make unremitting efforts for Worldia to become a tool supplier with comprehensive service capabilities!